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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Confession: I love Eminem

{This is mini post(well for me its mini)...I'm currently working on my next blog, its a deep <insert emotional> one (for me at least)...its # 85. Conquer a Fear. Spoiler has nothing to do with heights, spiders, or public speaking. I'll be done with it either tonight or tomorrow...get excited}

Why am I confessing my love for Eminem because I want to be the next white rapper (goal #102). Not really. I guess since I was already writing about conquering fears, I figured I might as well get this (musical) secret off my chest. I'm not exactly running around, telling people that I listen to Eminem. I think its hard for people to picture me (Mini-Martha) listening to his music. Now I'm not into his crazy stuff where he's like murdering his ex-wife (are they back together...idk). Though I did enjoy his recent song with Rihanna (again I'm just being honest here) which I guess is a little violent but nothing compared to some of his other songs. No I enjoy when he raps about overcoming strife and adversity, the music industry, the power of music (Sing for the of my favorites).

Now I'm not here to convert you to like Eminem (even though I believe if you look past the bad words/grammar, he's pretty talented). I just wanted to share a song that he did with B.O.B (Airplanes Part 2)...the lyrics (well his) in my opinion are awesome. If you've never listened to Airplanes part 1, the chorus says "Can we pretend that airplanes / in the night sky / are like shooting stars / I could really use a wish right now". Well in part 2, Eminem says that that philosophy is pretty much B.S(my words not his...want to keep this site PG). And I agree with him, wishing on an airplane or shooting star for that matter, is kind of weak.

Eminem raps about how if he hadn't had the motivation to go after his dreams, they never would have never happened. He talks about how people make excuses, and let other people's doubts, keep them from achieving their goals. I also love that he raps about how if his life circumstances (not having a father, moving all the time, crazy mother) had been different, he probably wouldn't have had these dreams to begin with. All of this makes me think about myself, my own situation, and all my dreams. My whole blog is about going after what I want and this song just fit so perfectly that I had to (even though its Eminem) share it. Now the following lyrics are the ones that hit me the most. (I've altered them to fit me and to make them PG)

She never risked it / She hoped and she wished it / But it didn't fall in her lap / So she just pretends... 
Now I've got something that (from my understanding) Eminem doesn't and that's Jesus. But that doesn't mean I can just pray to Him and be like "make this <insert dream> happen, I'll be waiting here until you do". (You can read my blog 41. Make a Blog, to see how I feel about that) But I am praying that the person mentioned above, is never me. If you'd like to listen to the song here it is I warn you, there's some "soap in the mouth" worthy at  your own discretion. XXOO


  1. The Next song I plan on doing is "Whip My Hair"...I wish I could be as cool as Willow!

  2. I love Eminem...nothing wrong with Martha Stewart listening to a little rap!!

  3. Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

    My musical secret? Ke$ha. She makes me dance.