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Monday, January 17, 2011

The List

  1. Publish a novel, a memoir, a poem, something
  2. Hear my Grandparent's love story (and write it down) 
  3. Have a picnic in Central Park
  4. Make a Souffle...successfully
  5. Create my own recipe
  6. Secret Want...I'll tell you later...pinky promise
  7. Get a(nother) tattoo
  8. Be a part of a Flash Mob
  9. Build something with no outside help...a manual/instructions is okay
  10. See my best friend Libby again...its been too long
  11. Lose 35 pounds
  12. Stop biting my nails...then get a non-acrylic manicure
  13. Learn to do Embroidery
  14. For one calendar year send everyone in my family birthday cards...on time
  15. Sew a quilt
  16. Tell a teacher how they impacted my life
  17. Watch my best friend get MARRIED (July 17th 2011)
  18. Eat an authentic Muffaletta in New Orleans...and other regional delicacies
  19. Learn the Sermon on the Mount by heart
  20. Pay for someone else's groceries or dinner
  21. Sew a dress
  22. Grow something...anything...and not kill it
  23.  Meet Martha Stewart...long shot but a girl can dream
  24. Go vegan for a week
  25. Run a half marathon
  26. Meet my mom's extended family
  27. Go to the American Girl store
  28. Watch the Godfather series 
  29. Read ALL of Jane Austen's works
  30. Be reunited with my "twin" Chelsey Newman (and Miss Sophie Newman)
  31. Give Paris another chance...the city, not the person
  32. Take a Disney cruise
  33. Redo my dresser (DYI project gone terribly wrong)
  34. Grow my hair until I have what I like to call "Mermaid hair"
  35. Go to Bethel Church
  36. Meet one of my favorite authors
  37. Sell a piece of art...I use the term art loosely
  38. Meet a "Real Housewife"...preferably one I like
  39. Make pasta...from scratch
  40. Ride an elephant
  41. Make a blog
  42. Build a sandcastle (haven't done this since I was like 10)
  43. Learn how-to-do fake eyelashes
  44. Have perfect skin (vain I know...I still want it)
  45. Do laundry consistently for 3 months (right now I do it on a needs basis)
  46. Watch all the Gilmore Girl seasons in one weekend...a 3-4 day weekend
  47. Fly a kite (I've never done that)
  48. Start my own business
  49. Go camping...real in a tent
  50. Build a fire...without burning anything (or anyone) down
  51. Learn the game of basketball...not play it, just learn it
  52. Get a Facial (needed something girlie after that last one)
  53. Make strawberry jam with my Grandmother (I use to do this every summer)
  54. Take a friend (whose never been) to Chamblin Bookmine
  55. Witness a(nother) Miracle
  56. Reconcile one broken relationship
  57. Figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop
  58. Secret want number two...I'll tell you later... pinky promise
  59. Enter bake goods into the Lake Odessa Fair (just like when I was a kid)
  60. Meet another Amanda Barker
  61. Spend a whole day without make-up or hair products/styling tools (I'm vain, I know)
  62. Have dinner with a friend from High School
  63. Get all my Christmas Shopping done by November
  64. Be involved in a What Would You Do doesn't have to be on the show
  65. Become comfortable with having my photo taken
  66. Start a collection
  67. Don't get any speeding tickets...haven't had one yet praise Jesus (Failed)
  68. Cook an entire Thanksgiving Meal 
  69. Go to Europe with my Mom
  70. Learn to fold a fitted sheet
  71. Make homemade ice-cream
  72. Go to the St. Paul's Rummage Sale...and brag about all my amazing finds
  73. Apologize to someone I made fun of (in a not humorous way)
  74. Learn to shuffle cards (the cool way)
  75. Go Bungee Jumping
  76. Organize my arts/crafts supplies....its disaster...Martha would not be pleased
  77. My final secret want... my pinky promises to share it later
  78. Visit Camp Greystone with a they can experience the awesomeness too
  79. Have a Pen Pal and actually write each other
  80. Knit a scarf
  81. Put a bold color in my hair (pink, purple, blue, etc)
  82. Send Chip back to his owner...I'll explain more later
  83. Own all the Seasons of One Tree Hill (wonder if the show will end by the time I'm 25)
  84. Dine with a princess
  85. Conquer a fear
  86. Teach someone something
  87. Eat something bizarre
  88. Have a(nother) family member come to know Jesus
  89. Find a four leaf clover
  90. Put my Great-Grandmother on the Today Show for her 100th birthday
  91. See Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro (you know the really big Jesus)
  92. Shoot a gun...laser/paintball do not count
  93. Kiss a frog (he'll turn into a prince, I'll become a princess, and just dine with myself)
  94. Have a (legit) Valentine
  95. Have lunch with my childhood best friend
  96. Do twenty perfect (not girlie) push-ups
  97. Learn to hula-hoop
  98. Get henna done on my hand/lower arm
  99. Learn calligraphy
  100. Cook a gourmet meal
  101. Do a reverse pick-pocket 
{For all you detectives out there, know that my three secret wants do not include or involve marriage (hello I can barely commit to a purse, let alone a man), babies (its no secret that I want babies, but not anytime soon) or owning a home (i don't want to be in Jax forever, so the fewer my attachments the better...a house is a big attachment). Its more like correction, confirmation, and completion. That's all I'm going to tell you for now. Also you may notice God doesn't really make a guest appearance on my list because well He's God and He can't be put on a list. He's more like a producer; gives input, edits, and oversees everything I'm doing. So don't be fooled into thinking He's not a part of this, just because you don't see His name in big flashing lights. Thanks again for checking out my list!}


  1. sam and i will go with you for 7 and 32, and you can goto the range with rob and i for 92.

  2. I just love this Amanda. Maybe I need to make my own list. Come visit us and we'll go to the American Girl store, try to make a souffle, sew a dress etc. Wells rode an elephant at the South Carolina State Fair several years back.