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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cupcake Wrapper Wreath

The weather today was (well still is) disgusting (cold, rainy, and absolutely no sun...I feel very Vitamin D deficient), so I stayed inside. Which is perfectly fine with me. I'm not someone who wants to sing in the rain or pretend I'm a polar bear and go swimming in freezing waters or go surfing during a hurricane (doesn't matter that I don't know how to surf, even if I did, I still wouldn't go). Let's be real, most of my favorite activities take place inside; baking, reading, writing, doing crafts, and of course shopping (online or in-store...I love both). I'm pretty much your quintessential girlie girl. Meaning if  you don't see Martha Stewart or Nate Berkus doing it, neither am I. On rainy days (like today) I love curling up with a blanket, eating way too much popcorn (I'm obsessed with Orville's Simply it) and watching whatever is on Bravo (today it was Million Dollar Listing), HGTV, and anything Martha Stewart. I usually fall asleep to Martha making a condescending remark to one of her guest, but today my plans were interrupted (a welcomed interruption). My mom wanted to take a trip to the dollar store (one of our favorite's filled with amazing items all for a dollar...whats not to love). Once we were there, I started seeing items for a craft that I had found online (at Cupcake Wrapper Wreath (8-inch wreath, covered in ribbon, covered in cupcake wrapper)!

The first time I saw one I clapped with delight (Yes I literally clapped, I do that when I'm happy). I knew that I wanted to make one. I mean how could I not, it's like the most girlie, frilly, super cute project ever! Plus Valentines day is right around the corner...yes I mentioned it, the holiday every single girl dreads. But I refuse to be another disgruntled single girl with a vendetta against Valentines day (I'm probably going to be defriended by a few people for that statement, but I don't care). I love this holiday, for the mere fact that two days after Christmas, every store I walk into is decorated in pink (its a part of the girlie girl's united nations association club that I love this color) red, white and sometimes purple hearts (I love hearts...also a requirement of the ggunac). So along with eating popcorn and watching three very feminine men sell homes, I made my very own Cupcake Wrapper Wreath. Here are some snapshots and a quick tutorial of how I did it!

I tightly wrapped the ribbon around the wreath. I had to do this several times because I barely had enough ribbon. The ribbon was left over from a diaper cake (another adorable project) I made in the fall. Quick tip if you wrap the ribbon tight enough, there's no need to glue it glue on styrofoam, not a good combination.

I added a second ribbon, not only for fun, but because there was the tiniest (but big enough to annoy me) gap, where I ran out of ribbon. You may notice I have ice water near me, Martha (and my mom) recommend doing that when working with a hot glue gun. All I know is when you get hot glue on your finger, the cold water stops it from burning!
I  made a flower (reminds me of a carnation) out of the cupcake wrapper. It was really simple, I just folded the wrapper in half, then I folded it in half again and then one more time. The bottom of the wrapper becomes pointed, so I folded it at a 90 degree angle, to give it a flat bottom to stick in the glue.
I put down a small drop of hot glue and proceeded to glue down my first wrapper...then I continued this step about 100 more times! Well I actually ended up using about 80 regular sized cupcake wrappers (in case you were wondering).
One burned finger later (I was an idiot and stuck it in a glob of glue, the water did its best to help) and I was done!
I added some fun sparkly/fuzzy ribbon (that I forgot I bought at Christmas...I do that a lot) to hang it and voila there is my Cupcake Wrapper Wreath!
Had to get a nice side shot in...wrapping the ribbon around was the hardest part...I'm sure if I had had the right amount of ribbon, it would have gone smoother but hey it worked out in the end.
A very happy me with my lovely finished product!

Hope you all enjoyed that, as much as I did! And I guess that this could count as #9 (Build something) but I have something else in mind for really this post was just for fun! I promise to cross something off my list by the end of the week...I have something that I think everyone (even the people who are on the verge of defriending me) will enjoy for Valentines day! Thanks for checking out my blog! XXOO

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  1. Amanda! 1. I didn't know you had such a beautiful, classy blog!
    2. I love it! The Wreath and the Blog!