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Saturday, February 5, 2011

5. Create a Recipe (RED VELVET OREOS)

Red Velvet cookies that taste like Oreos...what's not to love!

I can officially cross #5 (create my own recipe) off my list (Yay for me)! I have been tinkering with this recipe for months, and I am finally ready to share it. Pretty much perfect timing, since these cookies are a lovely Valentines day treat! Let me start by saying that I love RED VELVET (cake, cupcakes, ice cream...yes Jesus loves me that much, that there's an ice cream) with a passion. To me red velvet with cream cheese frosting is absolutely heavenly...I make them all the time. But even I get bored with making the same thing over and over again. So for a while I'd been looking for a red velvet cookie recipe. I found a pretty awesome one at (that I highly recommend). One day while I was making these cookies I had a bag of white chocolate chips on hand and thought why not add them in. That experiment turned out pretty good (too much white chocolate for me but not horrible), super sweet, but good! {Here's a little baking tidbit...did you know the chocolate chip cookie was a mistake...look it up}The next time I decided to only use half the bag of white chocolate was smart move. The cookies ended up tasting like an Oreo (I love Oreos, Martha showed a wedding cake made completely out of Oreos...Hannah Hunsberger I thought of you)! I knew I was on to something good. I continued to play with the recipe and switched around a few things and voila my recipe for Red Velvet Oreos was born!

Above are all the ingredients you will need (I'll write it out for you)
You will need...
For fun I thought I'd dress up as Martha...only fancier!
  • 1 box of Red Velvet Cake Mix
  • 8 ounces (1 brick) of cream cheese {room temp}
  • 1 stick of  salted butter {softened} (If you don't use salted, I suggest adding a pinch of salt)
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 tsp of pure vanilla
  • 1/2 a (16 ounce) bag of white chocolate chips
You will also need
  • A large bowl
  • A mixer of some sorts (you don't want to do this by gets really thick)
  • A spatula
  • Ice cream scoop or something similar
  • A cookie sheet
  • An Oven preheated to 350
  • Timer, or a watch, or iphone something to time your cookies (bake for 12 mins)
  • and possibly saran wrap and parchment paper

Here's what you do...

It may look like cream cheese does not taste like it!
Isn't it beautiful?!
  • Mix together the cream cheese and butter, until its well...mixed together. 
  • Then add in the vanilla and egg. Mix until it looks like the this ==========>
  • Next pour in  your red velvet cake mix.
  • Blend on a medium speed until its smooth and red (for those who have never made red velvet, the cake mix starts off kind of a grayish brown)! 
  • Stir in the white chocolate chips. 
  • Then cover your bowl with saran wrap (or something) and place it in the freezer for about 30 minutes! 
Now you can try to skip this last step and just go straight to baking (You need your oven at 350). But trust me I've tried...the cookies come out flat and thin...if you like that then by all means go for it. But don't say I didn't warn you. The batter needs this time in the freezer to thicken up (become less sticky)! I'm sure you can find something to do during those thirty minutes...facebook, laundry, read my blog, you know real important things! Two things you can do during this waiting period are: Preheat you oven to 350 and get your cookie sheet ready. I use a piece of parchment paper (because well that's what Martha says to do) to prevent the cookies from sticking. But feel free to use a non-stick cooking spray or straight up Crisco...just do something. Then after your 30 minutes are up, immediately (the batter gets sticky fast) start placing the cookies evenly on your sheet. Pop them in the oven for 12 minutes. I turn mine at the half way point (again Martha told me to) for more even baking. {Here are some snapshots of the final steps...enjoy}
Ice cream scoop makes them perfect every time...but be careful the batter likes to stick
I warn you now...working with red velvet can be messy!

Aren't they beautiful! Leave them on the pan to cool for about 2 minutes (again a Martha thing)

Switch them over to a cooling rack, cool, and serve!
You might not even want to dirty a dish, not trying to brag, but these will go fast!
The classic combo...I don't really like milk, but even  I can't resist this treat!
Hope you Enjoy! Happy (early) Valentines Day! XXOO

P.S. I wanted to thank some awesome people, so here goes. First I'd like to thank Martha Stewart for always being an inspiration and for all her helpful advice (some may say comment). Thank you Martha! I'd also like to thank the people who helped with my wardrobe. My mom provided my awesome necklace (, its called the Charlotte Statement Necklace (I like the statement it makes). Have I mentioned how much I love my mom's job, she keeps me fancy! Thanks Mom! And I'd like to thank the always lovely Libby (my best baking partner ever and best friend), for giving me this beautiful completed the look I was going for. Thank you Libby! Thanks y'all for making my baking experience richer, fancier, and tastier! XXOO


  1. I just might have to try these. I've never had red velvet anything, but I love the homemade oreos, so I'm sure it'll be worth a try. I found you blog on the link up party at Tatertots and Jello!!

  2. Hey there! These look good! & I can't even IMAGINE coming up with a recipe on my own! You are awesome!!! cute are you in your apron! I think I like that other Libby :) I don't even know where we can get Red Velvet cake mixes up here but if I see one I will snatch it up & make a go at these! Thanks for the recipe!!!