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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dear GGAL, It's over...I've got a new Blog

Dear GGAL (Girls got a list),
Let me just say you have been an amazing blog. The best first blog any girl could ask for. But things aren't working for me. Our common love for the list was great at first, but its just not enough for me anymore. I still love the list, I really do, but I have other things I'd like to write about. And I feel like you're only interested in the list. You're holding me back. I should have told you this sooner. But how do you tell the blog your with, you're thinking of leaving it for another blog? I know the timing is bad, with tomorrow being our two month anniversary and all. But I think it's best to end this now. I want a blog that doesn't tie me down. I'm too young to be just writing about one thing, and one thing only. Anyway who are we fooling, we both knew this would end someday. I mean as soon as the list was over, so would our blogship. I'm sorry if this hurts you but I hope you understand.
Wish you all the best, Amanda XXOO
P.S. I'm keeping the list!


  1. Adorable! : ) Glad you and your blog worked things out!

  2. Cute! Sometimes we just need a heart to heart :) I have changed my direction many times :)