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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm Jesus' Favorite

{Now I warn you this blog is longer than normal. But I feel that when one claims to be Jesus' (yes that Jesus...not some random guy named Jesus) favorite, you must back that up with a good amount of proof. Hence this blog being a little longer (ok a lot longer) than usual. For those of you who have the time to read it. Thank you and enjoy!}
I've always believed that I'm my grandpa's favorite. I'm sure my siblings and cousins would dispute that but whatever it's true. I'm his favorite. How do I know this? Has my grandfather ever told me this? Well no, but the saying actions speak louder than words comes to mind. He's always pulling me aside, slipping me cash, telling me to keep being good. Whenever he picks me up at the airport (which is more often than most), he brings me Reese’s peanut butter cups (just writing this makes me smile).When I talk to him on the phone, he refers to me as honey. Hearing this from any other man would send me into a feminist tail spin but from my grandpa it just melts my heart. My favorite things are the pictures he gives me of himself, as keepsakes, with handwritten messages on the back. All in all, my grandpa shows me that he loves me, by doing things that are uniquely special to me. 
And with Jesus it's the same way. He's always doing things that make me feel special. I've known for a while now that Jesus loves me. But this past weekend confirmed it...I'm Jesus' favorite. Now I'm sure there will be people who dispute this but I can't help it that it's true.  Let's ignore the evidence that I've composed from the past twenty-two (almost twenty-three) years that would prove my point, and let's just look at this past weekend.
First Jesus started by giving me the money to go to Campus Harvest. Ok He didn't like mail me a check but right after I decided to go; money started flowing in like manna falling from the sky. Jesus knows how much I love to talk, so He placed me in a car with one of my best friends (the lovely Katie Perrin) for over 20 hours (there and back). We've been known to have marathon conversations (we have sat and talked for 6 hours straight with no breaks...Katie loves to talk just as much as me) but I believe this past weekend takes the cake. Plus did I mention that my friend has the happiest, most well behaved, chubby baby in the world. And did I also mention that I absolutely love happy, well behaved, chubby babies. I do! And let's not forget Katie's amazing husband Chris.  He brought in our luggage. He went and got us breakfast in the morning. He checked us into the conference, so we wouldn't have to wait in line (I don't like lines),  so we wouldn't miss the opening act (which we totally should have, since we were 30 minutes late but like I said I'm Jesus' favorite, so He had them wait for us).
But that's not all. Jesus didn't just fill my weekend with girl talk, a very cute baby (waking up each morning to her smile = heaven), and the ability to show up late because of said cute baby (yes we were late a lot and we used the baby card relentlessly...don't judge). No, He had all my favorite things there. Lemonade, comfy chairs (we were sitting a lot so comfort was important), chocolate frosties with fries, hotel pens (Bic pens with fun colored caps...what's not to like), DMC's (with Katie and other people), Jon Owens, and lots of Chik-Fil-A.  
Oh and I can't forget, my most favorite thing of all...Laughing! I laugh at just about anything (except for fart jokes and historical inaccuracy jokes). But I believe Jesus made it His mission to make me laugh (more than normal...which is a lot) this past weekend. Now there was the normal laughter that filled my conversations with people. There was laughing involved when Katie was trying to change Harper's (the cute baby) diaper in the backseat. But it was the random things that happened that I know were Jesus' personal way of getting me to laugh.
One example of this was when Katie and I were driving around and we started talking about honking. Yes, honking as in honking your car horn. We discussed that Katie is a more conservative honker, whereas I'm a very liberal honker. Honking is my only form of communication with other cars and I have a lot to say to them (I wish cars had several horns...a happy hello I know you horn, a hey jerk you just cut me off you should learn what a blinker is horn, and well I won't say the title of this last horn because well this blog has Jesus in the title). Anyways as we're discussing this, we witnessed a pastor we know laying on his horn at another driver. We went into hysterics. Maybe it was the whole seeing a pastor do something so human, kind of like seeing a teacher at the grocery store and realizing they have a life outside of school. Or maybe it was shouting out this man’s name in unison that made us laugh so much. I don't know. But since I don't believe in coincidences, I thanked Jesus for that moment.
Now something that Jesus also knows about me is that I love to be scared, but only momentarily. If I'm not laughing within 30 seconds of being scared, it’s gone too far. Well Jesus provided a moment this past weekend, which fit this very specific liking of mine. As Katie and I were driving home we stopped at a random rest stop in South Carolina (the backdrop of many horror films). When we pulled in, we saw two random cats lying in the parking lot (weird? I thought so too). But two cats in a parking lot were not what were creepy. What was creepy was when these said cats started multiplying. Cats literally started coming out of the wood work (we were surrounded by woods). I ended up counting over a 11 different cats. This story takes an even more Steven King turn when we watched a cat go into the sewer and two more popped out. But the scariest part was when Katie told me to turn around. And sitting just outside my window were two cats...just staring at me. I believe my reaction involved jumping and maybe a little screaming but in the end I was laughing hysterically. Again I don't believe that us stopping at that particular rest stop was a coincidence, so thanks Jesus.
When I think about it, I bet all of my siblings and cousins have felt like my grandpas favorite. And that’s the great thing about my grandpa, he has enough love (and thoughtfulness) for all of us (seriously he keeps boxes of mac & cheese in his pantry incase my two year old sister happens to stop by and wants lunch).  And Jesus is the same way. Jesus knows me and loves me in a uniquely special way. But that doesn't take away from the love He has for you or for anybody else. One of my best friends (Libby...yes the one mentioned in my list) got engaged this past weekend, I know she felt like Jesus' favorite. Did I hear this news and think oh no I guess I'm not Jesus favorite anymore,no  far from it. I felt more like His favorite than ever because I've been praying for this event to happen for a while now (long awaited answered prayers are the best...yes better than praying that Wendy's is still open at 1am so I can get my frosty fix and finding that it is). Feeling like I'm His favorite is not affected by whether or not somebody else feels that way too.
What I'm trying to say (in a very roundabout way) is that Jesus' love can consume me so much at times (trust I don't always feel this way), that I can't imagine Him loving anyone more than me. So the only conclusion I can come to is that I must be His favorite. And I pray that you can feel like His favorite too.  Just because He pours out His loves me or anybody else, doesn’t mean there’s less love for you. As kumbaya as this sounds, we can all be His favorite. I guess it’s just the matter of figuring out how Jesus uniquely loves you! XXOO

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  1. Best one yet Amanda! And're Grandpa's favorite...just saying!