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Thursday, March 24, 2011

What I've learned (in 5 years) about Campus Harvest

22 in a 14 passenger van...I'm in the way back next to people who are soaking wet!

  To be honest, I didn't really think I was going to Campus Harvest this year. I'm not really part of Resolution (my old college ministry group) anymore. And I didn't want to be one of those people who only comes around when  something "fun" is happening (like a road trip to a conference in North Carolina). But I'm not going to lie; I was bummed out by the idea of not going. So when my dear friend Katie said she wanted to go but needed help with her little bambino, I eagerly offered my services. So here I am going to Campus Harvest for the fifth year in a row <insert me no longer bummed out>. This year will be different, because well I'm going with a baby (like a real 4 months old baby...not a whiny person), I'm rooming with a married couple (we have separate rooms, and lots of pinky promises and trust between us that no married things are going to happen while I am there), and I'm not riding up in a 15 passenger van (more like a 4 door car with a car seat in the back). But for all you who are not taking an alternative route (like me), here's some things that I've learned over the years, that may just help you:
  1. Be on makes everybody's trip (including your own) better.
  2. With that said, know that you will probably be waiting on people. But hey, take that time to get to know the people around you (and find out who has all the good snacks and which van has the best music).
  3. Riding in a van with Kyle Johnson, or Jerry Howard, or Kristin Aringdale, means you'll have an unforgettable time! 
  4. On average each van will have 3 boxes of Wheat Thins.
  5. Become weirdly territorial over your Van (create a name, hand signals, a motto, have a mascot...start a feud with rival's kind of like creating a gang) it makes for a world of fun.
  6. Get something to eat (even if you save it for later) before you leave for the night session. When you get back, Chik-Fil-A (the closest place nearby) will be closed and you'll be sorry (and hungry).
  7. Have as many DMC's (deep meaningful conversations) as possible. Doing this makes the difference between having a good trip and having a GREAT trip.
  8. Bring a towel the second may need it.
  9. Don't follow others, go to the sessions you want to.
  10. That being said, I highly recommend Jim Laffoon.
  11. Don't buy stuff (books, cds, t-shirts) on the first usually goes on sale the second night.
  12. Have access to a map of North Carolina. That way when your driver tells you that your van is only a little lost, and you see a sign that says Welcome to Wilmington, you'll know the truth!
  13. Bring lots of pens! You'll lose one or two, lend a few to people (and not remember who/you won't get them back), and you'll be writing so much (trust me every speaker has something life changing to say) that they'll run out and you'll need backups.
  14. Have high expectations...but don't expect to have a lot of alone time, get a lot of sleep, or be on Facebook 24/7.
  15. And if you have a really amazing time at CH, you'll  probably go home with two souvenirs; exhaustion and a sore throat!   
But no matter what route you take to get there, the most important thing I've learned about Campus Harvest, is to enjoy the view from the mountain top (Luke 9:28-37). Because when you come down, and you will (you have to go home), the perspective you received up there will stay with you longer than anything else I've mentioned above. Hope you enjoy! XXOO

I can't say anything else but that I love these people!  

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  1. Love your post....You are so talented - when do you start writing Novels with stories that we just can't put down!!....:-)