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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Do YOU Dare to Dream?

Do you have dreams?

or don't you...
I've always been a dreamer (but you can read more about that here).  And up until recently I believed that most people were dreamers too. But I had a rude awakening, when I was sitting with a group of people and we were asked what our dreams are. Well I have like 15 million dreams, so I figured I'd let someone else speak first before I took up the next 45 minutes going over mine. But no one did. My group just sat there in silence. At first I thought people were being shy, like their dreams were too private to share. But people did start speaking, and I was shocked by what they said. They said that they didn't have dreams. They couldn't even think of one. What? Nothing? Not one?  This was insane to me. Here I am, coming to the table with my cup overflowing, yet the people around me have empty glasses. Well I know what Martha Stewart would say about this. She would tell me to pour these people a drink. So that's what I'm going to try to do. Ok so it's totally cheesy and seventh grade, but I made a dream board. I've been fortunate enough to have dreams of mine come true but I only put dreams that I've yet to see be fulfilled on this board. So here are all my dreams, take a look, and possibly when you're done, your glass will be fuller <insert with some of your own dreams>. Enjoy!

And since these dreams can't come true without Jesus, I added some bible verses!
Ok so I thought there might be some confusion over some of my dreams (like why do I have 10 very different looking children on here and what's up with the picture of Martha Stewart) So here are some of my dreams in written form:
  • I dream about having a bunch of not as many as the Duggers but enough that traveling in one car will be difficult. 
  • I dream about adopting most of those children. 
  • I dream about marrying an amazing man (I'll need some help with all those kids and someone to keep me company when they all grow up and move away).
  • I dream about having a house covered with kids art work.  
  • I dream about baking (a lot) with my kids.
  • I dream about hosting family dinners (holidays/Sunday night).
  • I dream about having a family dog, just like the one pictured, and naming him Gilmore, after one of my fave shows Gilmore Girls.
  • I dream about having a garden, just like my grandmothers.
  • I dream about having a library in my house, preferably one with a ladder.
  • I dream about having a craft room (This one will probably have to wait until the kids move out).
  • I dream about being a writer.
  • I dream about meeting Martha Stewart.
  • I dream about traveling the world.  
  • I dream about becoming a healthier (body, mind, & soul) me.
  • I  dream about all the amazing things that God has planned for me that I have no idea about yet (hence the picture of the question marks).
The best part about making that dream board, is that I'm going to put another board next to it and its going to be called my Reality board. That way I can show that dreams do come true. Hope you enjoyed! XXOO

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