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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Best Gift Giver EVER!!!

This morning I was watching the sunrise. You see my church is doing this 21 day fast (I’ll  write more about it later), and while most people gave up sweets (not an option, baking is my if I do that it becomes more about dieting than Jesus) and Facebook (I didn't opt to do this but my internet was out this past week....wonder if that counts with Jesus). Anyways I decided to go an alternative route. For the next 21 days I'm watching the sunrise (which means I'm giving up sleep...I love sleep). My house is situated on the intracostal, and there are no houses at the end of my street, so I have a prime spot to watch the magic unfold. We're on day 6 and it’s been going pretty well...actually it's been going awesome. But today I was not feeling the awesomeness, nor did I think the experience of watching the sunrise was all that awesome. I ate too much sugar last night, and because of that I stayed up way too late. And to top it off there were a million mosquitoes, who were not deterred by the gallon of bug spray I poured on myself, attacking me as soon as I sat down. So instead of praying for other people and meditating on all things that are noble, lovely, and good. I was sitting there like a self-absorbed brat, complaining that I was itchy, and justifying that because I was itchy I couldn't possibly focus on anything else.

But in the middle of my tantrum, I heard a weird noise come from the water. Immediately I went from wondering how I could itch my forearm, ankle, and thigh all at the same time, to thinking what the hell is in the water and does it eat human. Now this took place before sunrise but thankfully there was enough light for me to see that the weird noise was a dolphin. Now that is pretty cool on its own but just yesterday I had said to Jesus that it would be pretty flippin fabulous to see a dolphin. And that's not the first time something like that has happened during this fast. The first morning I saw these two birds flying together, and I joked with Jesus that it was me and him (it’s a long story why but like I said I'll write more later). And every morning since then they've flown by, along with two ducks (I don't know how they factor in but hey I like them). So after 4 days of birds and ducks, I said hey what the heck Jesus let’s throw in some sea creatures, how about a dolphin. And what do you know, right in the midst of me arguing with God about why He created the mosquito. He's like here you go Amanda, one dolphin. I just sat there in shock. Part of me wondered if He did that just to shut me up. And I must have wondered loud enough for God to hear because immediately I had the answer. He did it because He's amazing. He is good all the time. And He's never thrown off His throne just because I question His judgment sometimes (ok a lot of the time). He showed me that dolphin because I had lost focus of why I was there. My original intent of sitting out there was not to just watch the sunrise, but to seek after Him. And He showed me that dolphin to say "Hey I'm here and I'm listening."
Wow! What a concept...God listens to me. Every question, thought, wonder, pontification, He hears it all. And He remembers everything. It's not like it goes in one ear and out the other. No, Jesus hears and remembers it all! And because of that Jesus is the best giver known to man. He knows exactly what to get us. He's never going to show up with some lame gift card to a store we stopped shopping at 5 years ago or some overly scented candle that will only give us migraines (I get sick just walking by Yankee Candle...I have a very sensitive nose). If I remember correctly (and I do...I checked my bible) Matthew 7:7-12 has something to say on this matter (Just in case you don't take my word for it, take Jesus'). Now the dolphin would have been a wonderful gift all by itself but Jesus is well Jesus and He's all about going above and beyond all expectations. After the dolphin was gone, the sun started to rise. Now after six days, I've realized that no two sunrises are the same (I've been taking pictures, I'll show you in a later blog). And today’s sunrise was well...made for me! I know I'm taking this favorite thing a little too far, claiming sunrises are made just for me now. But I took pictures and I'll let them speak for themselves. And I'll end with this, Pink is my favorite color!

See the pretty light pink...nice right?

Getting a little more pink...I'm enjoying it!

Stunning, right? Like I said Jesus knows what to get me!

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