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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

79. Have a Pen Pal (and actually write each other)

Today I received two pieces of what I like to call fun mail <insert not a bill, a credit card application, and/or a vote for me postcard>. First I opened an envelope filled with free (free is good...well 99.9% of the time) personalized address stickers*. I was just telling my mom I needed some, and what do you know a lovely nature preserve place sent me some (score). They are super cute and have butterflies on them <insert me smiling>. But the second piece of mail was by far superior. It was a letter from my pen pal! Yep that's right I officially have a pen pal and did I mention she lives in Australia (that makes her like 10x's cooler than just some united states pen pal). She's one of my most favorite people ever and that is not just because she has a super cool accent (I mean that does play a part but there are a lot of other things I like about her). We met last summer as counselors at Camp Greystone. We immediately connected when this guy made an awkward comment to me and we both burst out laughing...we've been friends ever since!  Her name is Bec, and I love her and I am so happy/thankful that we're pen pals! 
Picture of Bec (my penpal) and me!
We don't normally look like this...we were doing a play
I was a lolly pop kid, can you guess what Bec was?!?

I looked for a picture of us looking was not found

(And yes that is a troll and mod podge in the background)

I plan on going here!

A tote bag..from a conference at Hillsong!!!

3 pages, written front to back, making one beautiful letter!

 I write this to say thanks for being my pen pal Bec! Thanks for my beautiful letter (I absolutely love it). Thanks for the present (I seriously want to go to that conference with you next year)! And Thanks for helping me cross something off my list! Here's to being pen pals and keeping a lost art alive! XXOO

*On further inspection I realized that the nature preserve place got my address wrong...but hey I got a letter from my Pen Pal so it doesn't really matter.

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  1. I love it! That last part about the wrong address made me laugh out loud!