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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm blank because

I took a nap this afternoon, now I'm up and wired. Here's a blog about nonsense with some random photos, enjoy!

I'm weird because
I've always felt too old for my age
I never finish books (except for young adult fiction...don't ask)
I don't like extra butter on my movie theater popcorn
I quote movies insistently
I don't do caffeine
When I laugh for real it's loud
I don't want my husband to be a lawyer or a doctor (works too many hours)
Whenever I touch raw anything (eggs, meat, whatever), I have to wash my hands every couple of minutes...even if I'm not done touching it.
I can't stand having people touch my face
I eat a bowl of frozen grapes pretty much every night
I never cry when I should, I always cry at inappropriate times
I wish I had problems with my vision, so I could really wear glasses
I refer to any movie that has the mafia, wars, or explosions of any kind as a guy movie
I've never watched the Godfather Series or any of the Rocky movies or Starwars
I can say positive things about a boy and not be remotely interested in dating him
I have a phobia of mannequins, people wearing masks and people wearing those big furry costumes (except for the ones at Disney...I trust Disney)
I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my bake goods and crafts and my writing
I move my hands A LOT when I talk
I sleep with a noise machine every night
I'm obsessed with Martha Stewart, Daschunds, and Cardigans
My ipod has everything from Eminem to Jesus Culture

I love glasses!
Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies...they are awesome!

I'm a bad friend because
It takes me weeks (not days) to check my voicemail
I hate talking on the phone
I will side with my friends even when they are wrong (this is not always a good thing)
I'm bad at calling people first
I'm kind of an introvert who likes being alone...not good when friends want to hang out

I'm a good friend because
I love speaking highly about the people I love (it can be quite obnoxious to people who don't know/like my friends but I don't care)
I'm the friend that if you told me you murdered someone, I would tell you that that's a bad life choice but I would help you hide the body
I pretty good at making people laugh
I support my friends in whatever they decided to do (even if I disagree)
I love giving thoughtful gifts
When I was in Michigan I saw this dog jumping on a trampoline
 to say this was random is an understatement.
I'm sassy because
I'm really crabby when woken up
I have an opinion on every thing
I think I'm right about most things
I can have a sharp tongue
I like teasing people
I tend to play devils advocate
I like getting my way
Who knew that Enchanted was based off a town in Illinois?
Ok I know this is spelled differently
but at first glance it looks the same
 I'm sad because
I wish my family lived closer
I feel guilty about not being a better sister
I realized the other day that for the first time ever I won't have my summer off
I have a hard time expressing how I truly feel
I wait to the last minute to do things
I miss getting hugged by my momma each day
I know it's the back of her head but I love how she was marching

I'm happy because
My mommy is coming to see me soon (and hug me)
I'm going to be reunited with the Newman Girls
I finally put a dust ruffle on my bed
I got a nap today
I was reminded today that I am God's beloved...I shouldn't forget that, since it's tattooed on my wrist, but I still do.
Good Reminder


  1. There should be an "I'm not weird because..." section. :) And I think some of entries in the "weird" section could be moved into it. :)

    1. Lol...glad to hear that I'm not as weird as I think...or at least that there are other weirdo's out there.