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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Reunited at Last

Happy Birthday Miss Chelsey Shaw, this blog is for you!

So it finally happened, I crossed #30 off my list. That's right, I was reunited with my long lost "twin" Chelsey Shaw (formerly Newman)...and her mother Lori <insert momma Lori>, and her sister Sophie <insert the cutest human being ever>. And surprisingly the world didn't end. I was kind of nervous about us being together...since that much awesomeness in one place might throw the world off it's axis. Which would send us flying through space. Where we inevitably collide with another planet...thus the world ending.  Have I mentioned before that I have a vivid imagination (I believe I you've already been warned). Anyways, the world didn't end, but I believe that mine was forever changed.

To show y'all why this reunion was so epic, here are three photos:

Exhibit A: Chelsey and Me at age 5

Exhibit B: Sophie and Me (she's 2 months old...I think)
Exhibit C: Us now
The reason the photo's jump from me being age 5 to me being almost 24 (two months...crazy), is because we haven't seen each other since the first two photos were taken. Sophie just turned 19 on May 5 (have I mentioned that I'm somewhat obsessed with her...well I am...and you should be too). Almost 19 years have passed since we have seen each other. Oh quick side note, the only reason we even know that each other exists is because our momma's are like best friends, who have known each other since the 80's <insert they both have photos of each other with bad hair>. They also had not seen one another in 19 years. So yeah they were pretty excited to be reunited too. And therein lies my case for why this reunion was so epic.

Here's a picture of the mommies...aren't they adorable <3

To say that this weekend was amazing is like saying the Grand Canyon is just a pothole <insert it's a ridiculous understatement>. I can't put into words how great our reunion was. Honestly I shouldn't have expected it to be any different. But when you go almost 20 years without seeing people, and your only relationship is on Facebook (seriously we didn't exchange numbers until they were leaving to come to Pella), you wonder how it will be when you finally meet again in person.

Let me just say that I was 99.9% sure that we would get along famously. Like I said in the beginning I believe Chelsey is my long lost twin. We discovered a few years ago, when we became friends on good old Facebook, that we had a crazy assortment of things in common. From the music we liked, to our love for One Tree Hill (and Chris Keller's new found hotness) to our obsession with all things Harry Potter (If it was possible I would type his name with a British accent). Also we were both education majors in college (and currently for the time being, we've both left our studies to pursue other things...doesn't that sound so much better then saying we dropped out...she's for sure going back, as for me I guess anythings possible). It's somewhat eerie <insert awesome> all the things we have in common. It makes you wonder if there was something in the water. But I guess since our mother's are so much a like, that it would be odd if we weren't a like...right? I don't know, all I know is that I'm thankful that our mom's became friends many moons ago because I'm absolutely in love with Chelsey Newman (and if you knew her, you would be too).

We bought aprons together... which pretty much means we'll be friends forever
And now that we've been reunited, we know that we could never let another 19 years pass without seeing each other. Because if this weekend did anything, it solidified our friendship. We are no longer merely Facebook friends. The day they left I started having withdrawals. I've been able to manage since Momma Lori has been texting me daily (but that's a whole other story...that maybe one day I'll share). I'm already looking forward to our next visit. Sophie and I have discussed planning a trip to Harry Potter World this fall (oh did I forget to mention that they are nerds just like me...well they are, it's another reason we all get along so well). I would share more about our trip, if I didn't think that I'd have to keep typing "well you kind of had to be there". Because honestly to understand how much fun this trip was, you would have. Hope y'all enjoyed this blog. And for your viewing pleasure, here are some more photos from our reunion. The pictures probably need more of an explanation than I feel like giving, so just use your imaginations. Enjoy! XXOO

Who knew you could have so much fun in a furniture store
Did I mention we're kind of creepers??

Sophie was our amazing photographer...all of these pics are hers...thanks Sophie!
Yes we are in public...and no we don't care
We did a lot of this that weekend...laughing and well acting weird in public
Didn't know she would actually hang upside down from I do
Me and my two mommies...yes we made that joke a lot this weekend
We love each other!


  1. What a wonderful birthday gift this was. I love you dearly, my sister! xoxo

    1. I'm happy you liked your gift. I love you too, but we're not just sisters...we're twins ;)

  2. I cannot express how much I love this, and more importantly, how much I love YOU! I miss you and your mommy so much!! This is the best blog post, eeeevvverrrr!

    1. I'm glad you love this (and think it's the best blog post ever)! I love YOU too!