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Sunday, October 7, 2012

85 days left to the year...let's cram a bunch of things in

  There are only 85 days left to 2012 and I have never been busier. I know every one and their mom is busy these days. But I'm not typically a busy person. I don't do busy. When I get busy I get over emotional, I break out, and tend to cope by shopping <insert spending money I don't have> and eating copious amounts of chocolate. It's not a pretty picture. I also hate how being busy makes me feel. Anxious, overwhelmed, irritated, rushed, all things that I try to avoid as much as possible. I know that in the past my busyness came from my inability to say no. Sadly right now I don't have the option to say no...well I do but that would probably result in me being fired...since my schedule is mostly filled up with work related events. And that's another reason I've never been this busy, I've never had a real grown up job before.

But with all this talk about being busy, that's not actually why I started writing a blog. It all started with me looking at a list that I wrote many moons ago <insert almost two years ago> during a time in which I was let's just say less busy than I am now <insert I didn't have an adult job and I was spending most of my days doing lunch with people and watching Bridezillas>. It was a list of things I wanted to do before I turn 25. Well as it turns out I've only accomplished a handful of things off of that list and I'll be 25 in less than a year <insert shocked face>. (side-note: I don't know why but for some reason for a few years it felt as if I wasn't aging and this whole I'll be 25 in less than a year really does shock's not like I have some portrait up in my closet or anything, I guess I just thought I would be 23 forever). Anyways moving on, I'm sorely disappointed that I haven't accomplished more off of this list, since most things are pretty mundane (I mean hello learning how to hula hoop is on's not like I set out to cure cancer or learn quantum physics).

So with the daunting reality that I am getting closer to 30 than I am 18, its become clear to me that if I want to even attempt to complete my list, I need to cross some stuff off it and quick. So despite my life being utterly crazy busy right now, I thought why not add a few more things onto my to-do list. I mean seriously if you are going to go crazy from being busy, why not have fun while doing it (please realize that I'm exaggerating here, I do not actually foresee myself going not be concerned about my mental health...a lot of things that are making me busy are quite fun...just somewhat time consuming). So with the goal of wanting to get things crossed off my list, I've decided to do 10 things on my list before the new year. And here are those 10 things:

  1. Make a Souffle 
  2. Grow my hair out so I have mermaid hair (I'm so close)
  3. Learn how-to-do fake eyelashes
  4. Knit (or crochet) a scarf
  5. Do a reverse pick pocket
  6. Build a fire...without burning anything (or anyone) down 
  7. Get all my Christmas shopping done before the end of November
  8. Learn to Shuffle cards (the cool way)
  9. Watch the Godfather series (I've never watched any of them)
  10. Stop biting my nails (For the love of God, let this be the last time I quit)
So there it is. 10 more things for me to get done before the year is over. But honestly I am really excited about all of them...well the whole stop biting my nails thing will be hard because I mainly do it when I'm stressed and I get stressed when I'm busy, so yeah that one will probably be challenging. Oh real quickly, I was telling my mom about this blog, and I told her about the reverse pick pocket thing and she was somewhat confused on what that was. It's really simple, pretty much you put money into a strangers pocket or purse without them knowing. My plan is to slip some cash into a woman's purse who could use it (I feel like that is way less tricky than trying to get cash into someone's pocket and way less awkward if you get caught). I actually got this idea from Rainn Wilson's <insert Dwight Schrute> book Soulpancake. So that's basically what that is I'm not turning to a life of crime. Well that's my blog for you. Hope you enjoyed it and that you find a way to enjoy the last few days of 2012!


  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!! :) I'm an avid nail-biter myself. sigh.

  2. Did I already tell you that I liked this!!? I want to learn to do false lashes too!