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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

God Loves {Alphabet}

Hello Readers,
Let me warn you in advance that this is a very long blog, a fun blog, but nevertheless a long one. I promise though that it is a quick read, and I believe y'all will enjoy it. Now with that disclaimer in place, I have to let you know where I got this idea. Today I was reading a book, called the Christian Atheist, the author mentioned how a friend created a list of all the people God loved starting with the letter A. In the book he only shared what the friend wrote for letters A and B (I shared it down below). I sat there thinking what a neat idea, but part of me was wishing the author shared the entire list. Well being that I like a challenge, I thought I will just continue where the book left off. So starting at letter C all the way to Z, I created a list of people God loves. Now in no way is my list conclusive, my brain can only stretch so far, but I gave it my best shot. And hopefully it spurs you on to think of more people that God loves.

Here's what the authors friend wrote (sorry I don't remember the authors name, I'm too lazy to look for the book or to google it...yes I'm that lazy):

"God loves artists, astronauts, and aerospace engineers. He loves accordion players, ankle biters, animal rights activist, anglers, and airplane pilots. He also loves athletes, acrobats, and accountants - even during tax season. God loves people from Alabama, Alaska, Africa, and Albania. God loves absent-minded people, awkward people, assertive, authoritarian people, antisocial people, and aggravating people.

He loves ballerinas, Bible readers, biology teachers, bird watchers, bus drivers - including the bad ones. God loves bookworms, bachelors, botanists, bowlers, baby boomers, and boomerang throwers. He loves beekeepers, BBC watchers, blondes, brunettes, and even people with blue hair. God also loves bores, the beat up, and the burned out. He loves the broken, the bosses, braggarts, bag ladies, bartenders, brats, people with braces, and Baptist."

Now here's what I came up with:

God loves people who are childish, creative, compassionate, creepy, and cuddly. He loves co-dependent people, people who are color blind, and people who love Chanel. He loves Cardinal fans and Cub fans. He also loves copy-cats, congressman, carnivores, diet Coke drinkers, children, and carnies. God loves the curious, the cautious, and the callous. He loves custodians, cops, critics, creditors, and con artist. He also loves clergyman, cat lovers, circus clowns, communist, CEO's and carpenters. God loves cartoonist, campers, checkers champions, cheese lovers, cookie monsters, and cab drivers - yes even the bad ones.

He loves dog lovers, dads, dieticians, diplomats, and drunkards. God loves Dr. Pepper drinkers, dj's, Disney fanatics, and dairy farmers. Drummers, deans, dermatologist, dentist, and DMV workers - Yes even the mean ones. God loves dancers, dreamers, and deep sea divers. He loves people who are daring, daft, disobedient, and darling. He also loves people who struggle with depression, people who are detailed oriented, people who do drugs, and people who can't delegate. God loves those who are demanding, devoted, and disenfranchised. He loves the discouraged, delighted, deli owners, doctors, and the dramatic.

God loves the energetic, enthusiastic, enraged, and erratic. He loves the English professors, embalmers, Elvis Impersonators, and exterminators. He loves people with green eyes, blue eyes, and brown eyes. God loves people who are easy, earnest, eager, and early. He loves people who eat eggplant,  people who enjoy eagle watching, and people who eavesdrop. He loves equestrians, executioners, exotic dancers, and engineers. God loves those who excel, the evangelist, and those who are envious. God loves early risers, editors, ecologist, electricians, and elephant trainers.

God loves the foodies, freak, and fangirls. He loves people who are funny, finicky,  foolish, frivolous, and flirtatious. Fireman, florist, French Teachers, and Forklift Operators, He loves them too. He also loves fitness instructors, flight attendants, FBI agents, and fashion designers. God loves the flamboyant, fidgety, free-willers, and fat people too. He loves people who like flying, people who fart, and people who are football fanatics.God loves people who are easily frightened, people who are famous, and people who love to fence. He loves freegans, farmers, fisherman, and people who are friendly.

He loves those who gamble, chew gum, giggle, and like grocery shopping. God loves ghost hunters, guitar players, goat breeders, and golfers. Gypsies, go-go dancers, grandmas and grandpas, He loves them as well. God loves the gullible, greedy, go getter, gangster, and those who are genuine. He loves people who love glitter, people love gumbo, and people who like getting gold stars.God loves those who work in Greenhouses, who are Gator fans, and who like gymnastics.  He also loves people who are graceful, geeky, gorgeous, grouchy, and gleeful.

God loves historians, harpist, hair dressers, and homemakers. He loves people who are handy, happy, humorous, and hypocrites. He also loves housekeepers, harmonica makers, horticulturalist, and hunters. God loves people who go hungry, people who hurt others, and people who hide. He loves the hecklers, the humiliated, the haunted, and the hopeful. He also loves heterosexuals and homosexuals.God loves people who like to hike, people who hop around, people who are homebodies, and people who herd cattle. He also loves people who watch home-movies, who eat hummus, and who driver hummers.

He loves idiots, people with illnesses, and people who hate ice cream - yes even those rare few He loves them too. God also loves instigators, intellects, and those who inspire. He loves people who live in igloos, and people who make ignorant statements. God loves investment bankers, illustrators, interns, and ice hockey players. He also loves people who don't own iPhones, people who interpret things wrong, and people who feel invisible. He loves investigators, interior designers, and insurance agents. God loves people who feel insignificant, inferior, and are impatient. He loves the introverted, irrational, imaginative, inquisitive, and independent.

God loves jerks, jocks, janitors, journalist, and judges. He loves people who are jungle experts, people who are in jail, and people who love to jog. He also loves jugglers, javelin throwers, and jazz musicians. God loves people who are jovial, jobless, judgmental, and jazzy. People who make jolly ranchers, people who like jumping on trampolines, and people who are jaded, He loves them all. God loves joke writers, jet pilots, jewelers, and Jehovah witnesses. He loves people who jump rope, do jumping jacks, and love the Jonas Brothers. He also loves people who own jet ski's and wear jumpers. God loves people who are jealous, jittery, and jolly. 

He loves people who are klutzy, kooky, keen, knowledgeable, and kindhearted. He also loves people who fly kites, knit, do karate, and eat kiwis. God loves people who play the keyboard, kindergarten teachers, and kickball players. He loves people who love kissing, kangaroos, and kayaking. He loves people who live in Kentucky. God also loves people who crack their knuckles, love to sing karaoke, and are obsessed with Kermit the Frog. He loves kings, knight, and people who wear knee-socks. God loves people who love ketchup, who wear kilts, and do keg-stands.

God loves people who love lace, lacrosse, laughing, learning, and ladybugs. He loves landscapers, landlords, lifeguards, and lumberjacks. He also loves people who are lanky, lively, lame, livid, and lucky. God loves people who play leapfrog, give lectures, and eat leavened bread. He loves lawyers, librarians, lobbyist, locksmiths, and linguist. God loves people who have leukemia, wear leggings, or are lactose intolerant. He loves people who are lonely, lazy, leaders, and lovely. God loves the left wing and all the liberals. He loves lunatics, lyricist, and people who wear leotards.

He loves musicians, match makers, mothers, and manipulators. He also loves people who are malicious, materialistic, messy, and meek. God loves people in the Marines, makeup artist, mathematicians, movie producers, and managers. He loves macho men, magicians, mentors, and missionaries. People who drink margaritas, get migraines, and have time management problems, He loves them too. God loves people who are motherly, mysterious, masculine, mature, and manic. He also loves the mechanic, mail carrier, minister, murderer, and mortician. God loves the mischievous, the misunderstood, and the married.

God loves the nail biters, the neurotic, the noble and the name callers. He loves the nature lovers, news reporters, nannies, and nuns. He also loves people who love nachos, needlepoint, and narwhals. God loves people who are nervous, naive, neat, naughty, and nurturing. He loves newlyweds, novelist, nomads, and negotiators. He also loves neurologist, navy officers, NASCAR drivers, nurses, and nutritionist. God loves the noisy, needy, nifty, and nerds. He loves those who love to network and those who are empty nesters. He also loves nuclear engineers, nursery workers, and nudist.

He loves the ostentatious, optimistic, observant, and organized.  He also loves organic gurus, online marketers, and oracles. God loves people who are overworked, overfeed, overrated, and who overcook things at times. He loves Olympians, oceanographers, opera singer, orthopedist, and oncologist. He also loves people who love omelets, hate oatmeal, and have weird odors. God loves the oddballs, overwhelmed, ordinary, and open-minded. He loves people with overbites, who are obese, and have osteoporosis.

God loves the pragmatic psychotic, prissy, poetic, and preppy. He loves pediatricians, pancake makers, pastry chefs, peanut farmers, and pet shop owners. He also loves people who love to do pageants, eat peaches, and have piercings. God loves people who are patronizing, private, playful, pretty, and poor. He loves pastors, painters, pilots, politicians, and porn stars. He also loves pushovers, partiers, pacifist, and perfectionist. God loves people who are paranoid, perverted, and persuasive. He loves those who are pregnant, pessimistic, and paralyzed. He loves the president. 

God loves queens, quarterbacks, and quilters. He loves people who are quirky, quick, quiet, and quarrelsome. He also loves people who quit things, are in quarantine, and asks lots of questions. God loves those who are easily queasy, quizzical, and querulous. He loves those who play quittage and write with quills. He also loves the qualified, quixotic, and queer.

He loves rabbis, railroad workers, rain makers, and receptionist. God loves the romantics, relaxed, and rotten. He loves people who recycle, listen to record players, and love rainbows. He also loves redheads, racists, radicals, and runaways. He loves people who are rude, reckless, and ramble on. He also loves those who need to be rejuvenated, are rugged, relentless, and rich. God loves realtors, ranchers, radio host, and recruiters. He loves the reliable, the responsible, the rebellious,  the rehabilitated, and the religious.

God loves people who are sad, saucy, scandalous, shy, and silly. He loves screenwriters, shepards, software developers, singers, and soldiers. He loves those who ski, play soccer, sail, and skate. He also loves those who play with sock puppets, are senior citizens, and swear. God love stock brokers, salesman, story tellers, and surgeons. He loves those who are sentimental, serious, short, spoiled, and spiritual. He also loves people who can sew, love to drink shakes, smoke, are self-centered, and skulk around. God loves people who are sweet, superficial, subservient, sporty, and spontaneous.

He loves people who are tall, tenacious, and trustworthy. He also loves people who love to tailgate, travel, and talk to strangers. God loves people who are talk show host, tax collectors, taxidermist, teachers, and tap dance instructors. He loves people with tattoos, who like to tan, and talk a lot. He also loves tour guides, tollbooth attendants, thiefs, tennis coaches, and televangelist. God loves those who are timid, tone-deaf, tongue tied, and tow-headed. He loves terrorist, technicians, and traitors. He also loves the tame, the talented, and the tired.

God loves ugly. He loves unicyclist, ukulele players, and uncoordinated people. He also loves the unwanted, unworthy, uppity, unselfish, and upbeat. God loves used cars salesman, ushers, undercover agents, and underwear makers. He loves people who are upholders of the law, unfailing kind, and who understand His word. He also loves people who are unhealthy, uninteresting, and unequaled. God loves undergrads, umbrella makers, urologist, upholsterers, and ultrasound technicians.

He loves people who are violent, vivacious, virtuous, and vibrant. God loves people who are violinist, vice presidents, valets, videographers, and veterinarians. He loves people who go on vacations, hate valentines day, and watch vampire movies. God also loves people who take vitamins, love velvet, and vegans. He loves valedictorians, volley ball players, and people who study volcanoes. He also loves people who are villainous, vociferous, virtuoso, and vexatious.

God loves winners, wine drinkers, and wimps. He loves wedding planners, welders, writers, waitresses, and the weatherman. He also loves the warrior, the warmhearted, the weak-minded, the weird, and the wicked. God loves people with warts, people who wobble when they walk, and people who worry. He loves people on Weight Watchers, people with wrinkles, and people who are widows. He also loves the well-groomed, withdrawn, whimsical, wild, and worldly.

He loves x-ray technicians, xylophone player, and xerox machine operator. He also loves the xenophobic, xenodochial, and the Xhosa. God loves the people on Xanax.

God loves you - it's true. He loves yoga teachers, yogurt makers, and youth ministers. He also loves people who go to the YMCA, Yankee fans, and people who eat yams. God loves people who own yachts, say yadda yadda yadda, and who have email accounts with yahoo. He loves people that cook things that are yummy and those who cook things that are yucky. He also loves people that went to Yale, like to do yard-work, like yo-yo's, and collect balls of yarn.

He loves people who are zen masters, zoologist, and zoo keepers. God loves people who love lemon zest and zebras. He also loves people who serve Zenu, are zany, and zealous. God loves people who get zonked and dress zazzy.

Well there you go, there it is, my own personal alphabet of people God loves. By all means let me know if you think of some more. Not going to lie, it got hard at the end and I definitely got some help from Google.Creating this list for sure stretched my imagination. And look I'm not wanting to argue about how God feels about certain behaviors or vocations, my point in writing this blog is to remind myself (and hopefully others) that God loves everyone. Like He says He loved us first. And sometimes I need to be reminded of that. Reminded that the person I'm judging was and is loved by God regardless of what they are doing or saying. So no amount of criticism or name calling, or judging will change that behavior. I believe it's only when we have an encounter with He who loved us first, that any of us will ever really change.

Well that's enough preaching for tonight. Good night everyone. Hope you enjoyed this...and didn't fall asleep while reading it. Again I'm sorry it's so long, but seriously blame who ever created the alphabet. Seriously it takes a while to do 26 letters.(Oh with that said, I haven't edited this yet, but I want to put it out. I'm too tired, and my brain hurts. So I apologize if it's riddled with mistakes. I promise to fix them tomorrow)

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  1. Okay I'm not just saying this because I'm your mother...I loved this one! It's a good reminder <3