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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Taylor I'm not 22, Can You Write a Song about 24?

  Finally someone writes a song about being 22. I always felt that it was an underrated age. I mean seriously everyone is excited to turn 21, and 23 has several songs and a movie wrote about. And poor 22 just sits there all boring and lame. But now Taylor Swift has come along and saved the day, by writing a fun upbeat song about being 22. And here I am sitting in my bedroom, letting the lyrics to this song entice me, and then it dawns on me...I'm no longer 22 <insert gasp>. I know it's hard to believe that my youthful face is a day over 12 (no seriously people still ask me what grade I'm in) but it's true, I'm 24 years, 3 months, and 7 days old. And that one fact kind of ruins that song for me. I know I only miss the cut off by like 2 years, but still I feel too old to enjoy it. Here I am listening about dressing up like hipsters (love that lyric) and I think how fun. But then I hear "we end up dreaming, instead of sleeping:" and I think what no we can't ditch sleeping, how will I function tomorrow at work. And it is then that I hang my head in shame, and accept the fact that i'm not 22 anymore.

Somewhere in those 2 years, I developed my need for sleep once again. Don't get me wrong I've always enjoyed sleep. But there was a period in my life where I could manage on 5 hours of sleep, sometimes less. Now that was also a period where I was heavily addicted to diet mountain dew and candy, but still I didn't need the 8-9 hours of sleep that I do now. Seriously I'm going to bed as soon as I'm done with this blog...and I'm ok with that. Better yet I'm excited about that! And as the lyrics go on, talking about being confused and lonely, and what's sounds to me like wanting to be with someone who you know is bad news, I'm kind of glad I'm not 22 anymore. And when I really listen to what she is saying, it makes me think that being 22 kind of sucks.

Sorry 22, even though T Swift is giving you some notoriety, you're still kind of a lame age to be. I mean she herself describes it as "miserable and magical at the same time". And though I'm not so sure how much more magical being 24 is compared to 22, I am convinced that I have a little bit more wisdom than I did two years ago. Wisdom like how getting 8 hours of sleep really does make you feel better. And how meeting deadlines and not dating douche bags is a good thing.  I guess the things that bring excitement when you are younger like staying up all night, and dating people you just met 2 hours ago, becomes less attractive as you get older. For some of us those things lose their allure earlier than others (I never did get the whole dating strangers things...hello was I the only one taught stranger danger). And there are some who never learn (i.e. 40 year olds that still go to the club).

So Taylor Swift if you ever decide to write a song about being 24, be prepared that it may not be played at parties but to those of us home knitting and going to bed at 9pm, and know that we will find it fun. And in the end it's not so much my age that makes me not relate to this song anymore, it is the fact that I no longer find that lifestyle attractive...and if I'm honest with myself I never did. In the end I guess I've matured past that. And with that said, I'm not so sad anymore that I'm not 22. I'm kind of glad to be where I'm at. And I can totally dress up like a hipster if I want to. Oh and don't get me wrong, I totally love Taylor Swifts new's all I've been listening to. But 22 will just be one of those songs I listen to for the beat, and ignore the lyrics. Well hope y'all enjoyed my random ramblings on tonight!

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