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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Would You Rather {Harry Potter Edition}

I told myself I would write 52 blogs in 2013 <insert a blog a week>. Well I'm already a few weeks behind, and I'd really not like to have to write 52 blogs in December, so to get it started I'm going to answer the following questions. It's kind of cheating since I'm really not writing anything, but hey it's a start :) Enjoy!

Would You Rather...
1 Have Ron for a friend (I want to be Hermione)or Have Hermione for a friend
2 Fight the Basiliskor Fight a Dementor (I'm excited to know what my patronus is)
3 Spend a weekend with Dudley Dursleyor Spend a weekend with Kreacher the house elf
4 Be a Quidditch Keeper or Be a Quidditch Beater  (I'd rather the balls be going away from me, than at me)
5 Be sorted into Ravenclaw (The sorting hat already answered this for me) or Be sorted into Hufflepuff
6 Have an Invisibility Capeor Have a Time-Turner
Receive a Howler in front of your friends
Eat a vomit flavored Every Flavored Bean
8 Attend the Yule Ballor Attend the Quidditch World Cup
9 Spend an afternoon in the Burrow with the Weasley's (hardest one to answer, but I love this family)or Spend an afternoon in Diagon Alley
10 Have Severus Snape as your father (what the heck? Is that even a question...he's just misunderstood...and she is more evil than Voldermort)or Have Delores Umbridge as your mother
Have a pet Hippogriff
Have a pet Phoenix
12 Take a class in potions (sorry Hagrid)or Take a class in caring for magical creatures
13 Have a flying broomstickor Have an enchanted flying car
14 Be a werewolf like Remus Lupinor Be a ghost like Headless Nick
15 Spend a week lost in the Forbidden Forest orSpend a day in Azkaban
16 Play Quidditchor Play wizarding chess
17 Be a teacher at Hogwarts (seriously my dream job)or Be an Auror
18 Have Hagrid as a friendor Have Dobby as a friend
19 Change the story so that Dumbledore does not get killedor Change the story so that Sirius does not get killed ( I adore Dumbeldore but I felt like I didn't have enough time with Sirus)
20 Spend an hour talking with J.K. Rowlingor Spend an hour talking with Daniel Radcliffe

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