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Saturday, March 16, 2013

5 Positive Things About Being Sick

  1. Last weekend when I was doing laundry, I washed all my bedding. But I was too lazy to put it back on my bed. So here I am a week later and my clean bedding is just sitting in a chair. But the positive thing is I don't have to feel like a lazy bum. I can just blame the fact that I'm sick. And really I'm just being eco-friendly, if I had put the clean ones on, I would just have to wash them again, plus the sheets that are on my bed now. So really the planet should be giving me a high five because I'm not wasting water or polluting it with my none eco-friendly detergents. You're welcome earth. 
  2. Being sick has reminded me how much I love popsicles  I haven't been eating many cold foods recently due to the fact that I live in Iowa...and it's winter. But hey since being sick, I've gone through like 2 boxes of Eddy's popsicles (they allow me to forget that my throat feels like someone rubbed it with sandpaper). And they say it's made with real fruit, so yay for being healthy (well not physically healthy because again I'm sick, but you know making healthy choices). 
  3. I can lay in bed all day, doing nothing but watching videos on Hulu and Netflix, and no one is going to say anything to me about it. Actually people are going to encourage me to do just that. It's an introverts dream. 
  4. I changed out of my pajama pants yesterday and put on yoga pants, and people actually applauded (ok there was no real clapping) my efforts. When you're sick, putting on yoga pants is deemed as going above and beyond what is expected. It's amazing. 
  5. And last but not least, I can go around without any makeup or hair styling products and if people ask me if I am sick, I can be like yes, yes I am. Why is this a positive  because regardless of whether or not I'm sick, if I don't where any makeup, I get asked the same question. And at least now I don't have to feel bad about myself but instead make people feel sorry for me. 
So though it feels like I'll never be healthy again <insert being sick brings out my dramatic side>, I know I will be, but until then I'm going to try to stay positive  Now please excuse me while I go overdose on some Vitamin C and open a new box of tissues. Hope you enjoyed this! 

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