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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dear Ten Year Old Self

So I watched this video from SoulPancake today, and it inspired me to write this blog.     Hope y'all enjoy! (Oh and Damien from Mean Girls is in this video <insert clapping>)

Dear 10 year old Amanda,

Don't worry, your bangs do eventually grow out. And you also learn the beauty of a flat iron. Though now we've kind of accepted the wavy craziness that is our hair. But we have learned to style it, so you no longer resemble a poodle.

Hate to break this to you but you do not marry Freddie Prinze Jr...he marry's some blonde chick and pretty much is never heard from again.

You do however end up going to Paris when you graduate high school...and you hate it. It's a long story. But you travel to other cool places and have a wonderful time.

You also end up going to South Africa...when Grandpa warns you about the danger of lions and not keeping beef jerky in your pockets, just go with it.

Don't panic but you won't meet your best friends until college...though you won't actually meet them in college per say. Well you met one on a college I guess that counts. But trust me when I say they are worth waiting for.

With that said you are going to have many friendships along the way. Listen to mom when she tells you someone isn't a good friend...she's right.

You're indeed going to get that baby sister you always wanted...but you'll have to wait another decade to meet her.

Math will get easier for you...but then it will get harder...but then it won't matter because there will be this thing called Google, and that will answer any question who have. And I mean any.

Yeah speaking of which, I know you're only 10, but if you get a chance to buy stock in Google, YouTube, or it.

Don't sweat the fact that that girl is bullying you now. One day you'll drive by her house, and you'll understand why.

Oh and that girl that you and your friends aren't very nice to...the one y'all wrote a song about. You end up apologizing to her...but not for awhile. So realize now that your words are powerful, and be nice.

Even though it's green and weird looking, try guacamole. Trust me you'll love it.

Swearing isn't as cool as you think it is, and it's a nasty habit to break later. Get a dictionary, develop a more extensive vocabulary, and leave the bad words for sailors.

Speaking of  bad choices...avoid brownies, just do it.

But since you're me, you won't listen to this. But trust me when I say when you think your world is over, it's not. It's only beginning.

Enjoy your summers, one day you'll be an adult and have to work...even on your birthday (I know I can't believe it either)

Soon our dog, Casey, is going to rip off all the feet of our stuffed animals. And you're going to be really mad, but don't be mean to her. One day those stuffed animals will still be there and she'll be gone, and you'll wish it was the other way around.

Don't be embarrassed that you still play with barbies. The "cool" girls who are telling you that barbies are for babies, all end up with babies in the next 5 years. And no matter what MTV tells you teen pregnancy is not cool.

Accept your paleness and wear sunscreen

And if you only listen to one thing that I write on here, listen to this. When a girl in your freshmen chemistry class in college asks you to go to church, even though you don't want to...

Say Yes.

Pretty much that one decision changes the rest of your life. So say yes.

Love, Almost 15 years older Amanda

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